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Now that you’ve got SiteSync and learnt all the amazing thing it can do for you, it’s time to look beyond your website and into the other important aspect of your business…I’m talking videos.

Everyone in the online business industry knows that videos are the fastest way to make bank. And all of us rely on videos one way or the other to further our business, because face it, videos are the fastest engagement and conversion medium. But how safe are your videos?

YouTube is infamous for taking down videos, and entire channels, without warning and often without reason.

As per policy, if you feel someone has offensive or plagiarized content, you can ‘flag’ their channel and YouTube will pull it down and follow it up with an investigation. But what if some crazy jealous rival doesn’t want you to do so well… YouTube is only making his job easier.

ONE FALSE COMPLAINT is all it takes to lose your videos and channel to some crazy jealous freak. One false complaint and YouTube will seize your channel and everything else with it and you will be denied access to your own business.

The YouTube policy is really random and super scary.

Once you’re out, there is no way to get back in. You can lose everything overnight! All your videos, links, lists, followers, and most importantly, your precious rankings EVERYTHING WILL BE GONE! And YouTube will just block you out…no explanations required, no replies to frantic mails.  That could be years of work down the drain in just a simple second, and there’s nothing you can do about it…until now.


You need something that will safeguard you from everything above and offer your videos the kind of platinum protection they deserve, while offering you easy access to them.

I give to you…

Here’s what you get as part of VideoSync today...

Backup, Download & Restore 50 YouTube Channels

YouTube works on a “Guilty until proven innocent” principle. If any of your competitors submits a complaint (even a fake one) against you, YouTube can shut your channel for 6 months. We can’t stop that. But we let you backup up to 50 YouTube channels so that you don’t lose all your data when that happens to you. And you can restore your videos immediately or download them if you wish to save on hard drive.

Backup, Download & Restore 50 Vimeo Channels

The same principle as YouTube videos, backup up to 50 Vimeo channels from one clean and easy to use dashboard. All you need to do just login and integrate your Vimeo channels into the system and select the videos you want synced. Choose to select and download your videos if you wish to save on hard drive or click restore if you want to restore to your channel.

Backup, Download & Restore 50 Wistia Channels

We want to give you as much security as possible so other than YouTube and Vimeo, we are giving you the option of backing up your Wistia videos as well. Backup up to 50 Wistia channels from one clean and easy to use dashboard. Just login and integrate your Wistia channels into the system and watch your videos sync.  Choose to select and download your videos if you wish to save on hard drive or click restore if you want to restore to your channel.

5 Team Member License

Avail the luxury of outsourcing your work to multiple team members and virtual assistants simultaneously. With this feature, you can assign up to 5 virtual assistants or team members to access your VideoSync account and backup for you. Don't pay for 5 copies of VideoSync. Just allow 5 team members to collaborate, all under one license.

LIMITED TIME - Unlimited Client Developer License

What if you had the ability to not only secure your videos but offer securing videos for others as a service too? This Developer’s License lets you do just that! Now you can backup, download and restore an unlimited number of websites. And for that 15-20 minutes of work you can easily charge your clients $150-200!

You will get no better option to broaden your business opportunities & clientele with the VideoSync! Just set it and forget it - our software does all the work for you, and that too on autopilot. Remember, there’s nothing like too much money or security.

So What Will It Cost Me If I Get It?

Let's start with what will it cost you if you don't get it...

All your videos

Your entire channel




All video metadata

And most importantly...


Easy Money

So Can You Afford To Not Get It?

You can secure all that and more for just a meagre one time investment. You have worked so hard for it. Why let it slip away?

We’ve Got You Covered. It’s A Promise

The fact that you’re on this page with me translates that your business is precious to you.

All you have to do is kick off your shoes and sit back with a couple of beers and watch your sales grow…thanks to all that organic engagement, and reap the rewards of a much needed service in a market starving for business backup solutions…all on autopilot.