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Backup and Secure Documents From Your Computer - Instantly

1 TB Storage Space | Access Documents 24x7 | 100% Cloud Based


The same secret that has allowed us to secure your business assets and allowed to expand your sources of income is now back with more…

Now that you have seen what SiteSync and VideoSync can do for you, you know that your websites and your videos both are wrapped in cotton wool.

But what about the rest of the stuff on your computer?

There is a great danger looming before us… one that has been growing at a scarily rapid rate…it’s called DATA LOSS!!!

Data is one of the most valued assets of any business and yet breaches are increasing at an alarming rate, with threats often closer to home than we might think.

And That Puts Everything At A Huge Risk

Everything you’ve worked for and toiled for…all of that gone in a single second!

But backing up that is as easy as it was to backup your websites and videos with SiteSync and VideoSync. Just click and backup. Click and download. Click and restore.


A Simple And Extensive Backup Solution For All Your Data

Backup - Download - Restore ANY Website

Your All-In-One Website Security Solution

Even while you step away, this platform is busy at work guarding all your important files.

Music, photos and documents are all automatically, continuously protected, so you can get back to living your life.

With SiteSync premium storage (also known as DataManage) backing up all your data so you can access it no matter where you go, the world is your oyster.


Securely backup your website, videos and documents from your computer on our reliable hosting space. With SiteSync Premium Storage Space you get the option of using our hosting space at no extra cost. This way you can save the space on your Amazon S3 or Dropbox.

Our host servers are located at secure locations outside the U.S., which means your data is safe and NOT bound by U.S. Laws.

Choose from the plans below:




500GB Storage

Backup Websites

Backup Videos

Backup documents from your computer

Extra Power



1TB Storage

Backup Websites

Backup Videos

Backup documents from your computer

What Happens When You Upgrade Your Access

To The Premium Offer Today?

You get gargantuan amount of storage at your disposal to backup ANYTHING you want. No limits. You can use your storage for backing up websites, videos, documents, whatever you want. Just think of it as a hard drive on cloud storage!

This is by far the GREATEST storage advantage you will ever have seen. It is a pioneer movement in backup technology that comes only and exclusively with your SiteSync Premium upgrade.

Listen, we want you to secure your business and make it completely immune to any kind of malicious cyber-attacks, especially like the ransomware cyber-attack one that went globally viral a few days ago. It hit computers in over 150 countries and has been labelled a ‘WAKE UP CALL’ by Microsoft. Among all the businesses that were halted or held for ransom, yours won’t be one of them.

Because, you were smart and made the right decision at the right time. Timing is everything.  A small fee right now will secure you against ransom as high as $900 to restore access to your data.

Can You Afford To Miss This?

I think the answer is pretty simple.

With this Premium upgrade, you will be tripling your security and fireproofing  your business. You amp up the security for:







Excel Sheets

Get absolute freedom to backup anything you want anytime.

Backup-Restore-Download at your fingertips.

All this and MORE when you upgrade to Premium membership access to SiteSync at an ANNUAL FLAT FEE RIGHT NOW!



Nothing To Download, Install Or Update. Ever.

30 day risk free guaranteed

All risk is gone with this purchase because we are giving you our 30 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee.

If you buy SiteSync Premium Storage Space and feel like you don’t need it for any reason, even after 30 days, simply ask us for your money back.

We want to personally take care of you and give your marketing an edge so you can jump right in front of the competition and start profiting from the very first day.

We’ve Got Your Back!

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