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Unlimited Site Backup | 24x7 Website Monitoring | Auto-Notification | 5 Team License | Unlimited Developer License

Hey – Neil Napier & Paul Blitz here again!

Are you excited to get cracking with SiteSync and all the backups it can do for you?

Honestly who doesn’t want peace of mind knowing their website and business are safe and secure?

At SyncManage, our goal is to give you PEACE OF MIND. Life is all about ups and downs and uncertainties, but if there’s one thing you shouldn’t be worried about, it’s the safety of your business.

So we’re going all out! It’s time you offer something NO ONE else is offering!

You already know that well begun is only half done…don’t be so surprised, you can fall short with SiteSync too if you’re looking to expand your own business…

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic way to get started on the right foot…

But What If You Could Do Something More…

…something which would make your offer absolutely irresistible, a must have… almost like an eleventh commandment! We didn’t want to leave any stone unturned in writing the story of your success…

So if you thought there’s nothing better than SiteSync, you’re in for a surprise…

We bring to you…

  • Backup, Download and Restore Unlimited Entire FTP Sites
  • Backup, Download and Restore Unlimited Entire WordPress Sites & Plugins
  • Backup, Download and Restore Unlimited HTML Sites
  • 24x7 Website Monitoring
  • Automatic Notification In Case Website/Server Is Down
  • 5 Team Member License
  • Unlimited Client Developer License

Let me explain all the features in more detail...

Secure Unlimited Websites (Valued at $397)

With SiteSync, the number of sites you could secure was 5 with Elite, and 50 with Advanced. With SiteSync PRO, the number of sites you can backup is UNLIMITED.

That’s right, we are applying no cap on the number of websites you can backup with SiteSync. Backup, download and restore as many websites as you like, no strings attached.

This covers, unlimited FTP sites, unlimited WordPress sites and unlimited HTML sites that you can now backup, download and restore. When it comes to securing your websites, we’ve got you covered!

24x7 Website Monitoring and Auto-Notification

(Valued at $197)

Tired of multitasking with a zillion tools? Simplify your life with our “24x7 Website Monitoring Solution. All your websites can be monitored from one easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard. Say goodbye to late nights & the hassles of software-based monitoring. Stay in control of your IT system 24/7 no matter where you are. No installs, reinstalls and updates.

Receive instant notifications via email whenever your website or server goes down. Just get an email as soon our monitors detect that your site is down and you can be up and running in just 3 minutes. This notification reduces your damages to a minimum

5 Team Member License

Our job doesn’t just end at securing your business. Our aim is also to ensure that business is easier and simplified for you, so that you can execute your work in the best possible manner. So we give you this 5 team member license. Now you can outsource your work to your team members or virtual assistants! With this feature, you can assign up to 5 virtual assistants or team members to access your SiteSync Pro account and backup for you.

Securing your business doesn’t get easier than this. Don't pay for 5 copies of SiteSync Pro! Now you can allow 5 team members to collaborate, all under one license.

Unlimited Client Developer License (Valued at $497)

Finally, expand your business & client base with the Unlimited Site License! This super trooper upgrade is your golden ticket to securing an unlimited number of sites for your clients! This software offers what every single client of yours needs. You just need to tell them the super-slick business security solutions you offer (every feature that SiteSync Pro offers) and you can charge them anything you want and make a lot of PROFIT!

Just set it and forget it - our software does all the work for you, and that too on autopilot. Because there’s nothing like too much money.


Relax With In-Built Website Monitoring

SiteSync Pro gives you a ridiculously unfair advantage over others…So you need to grab this NOW! You can keep pinching yourself all day long but you better believe it!

The cap is off and there is no end to this prodigy now! This bottomless pit of brilliance will let you backup and secure an unlimited number of websites, minimise your damage with website monitoring and make bank with the developer license till you literally tire out of all the success that’s been coming your way!!

We don’t believe that there’s any such thing as too many clients! The sky’s your limit!

But we go one step forward and give you all these bonuses:

InstaStore Pro

Combine the Power of Video + eCommerce to Insta-Create 6-Figure Stores. Capitalize on the proven success of Amazon and AliExpress Affiliate Products Instantly Even with NO products, just ‘insta-import’ over 200 Million Products With ready-to-go content, selling to over 1.44 Billion Rabid Customers!

Valued at $97

AdHero Pro

Revolutionary ‘Animated’ Ad Creator Simultaneously

Creates 1st Ever ‘Video’ Banner & FB Ad Campaigns

Valued at $97

So, you see how with this upgrade you can monetize way more than before! Hurry up, we want to make sure that our precious customers can start using and profiting from this fantastic upgrade ASAP.

Now again conservatively speaking all of this package could be EASILY offered on a webinar for $997.

But today – as a NEW SiteSync buyer – you have the opportunity to get this entire package for a FRACTION of the price.

Not $497

Not even $297 Just today – you pay ONLY $67 ONE-TIME.

Think about the mental decluttering that comes with the extensive multi-platform support! If there’s one thing money cannot buy you, it’s a stress free existence!

Speaking of which, never ever stress over the number of websites you are “allowed” to backup ever again! You get endless number of websites on the house!!

Can you think about how much you could rake in with such finesse of display in your business? Do the math and see for yourself…

Get The Pro Version For A ONE-TIME FEE

SiteSync Pro


What kind of access do my clients get?

The clients can login at a url provided within the client feature. But, they ONLY have "view" access i.e. They cannot go in and change things...that control lies only with you, so that your clients don't mess up things and then later blame you for it.

How long is this price valid for?

We'll be raising prices every day, so make sure you get in TODAY! Especially before we turn this to an yearly offer.